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Introducing a first from Mobile Laser Technology Pty Ltd

The Leaders in Road Safety Equipment

The Laserlux 6 Mobile Retroreflectometer.
A fully Mobile Retroreflectometer that takes measurements at highway speeds.
No more hand held units with manual
data logging.

How it differs from hand held Retroreflectometers is that the Laserlux 6 takes measurements at highway speeds. Typically a hand held unit must be positioned, measurement taken and then recorded.

Even with digital data logging equipment, manual measurements are limited, requiring a full time crew and result in only a limited number of measurements per day.
There is also the question of operator safety.

Typically, on a large freeway network situation, a lane would need to be closed down for such a reading to ensure operator safety. This is certainly not cost effective, and overall provides a sample that is far too small for large road networks.

The Laserlux hardware has been installed in our purpose built van that can be driven at highway speeds while collecting data at a rate of 32,000 measurements per hour.

The system utilises a laser beam and consequently can be used under all ambient light conditions, from bright light conditions to total darkness.

The Laserlux software operation system facilitates approximately 9 line measurements per second, consisting of 200 sample points for each measurement, with an incoming data frequency of approximately 100MHz during each measurement. In real time the software identifies the line within a 1 metre scan width, calculates the peak retroreflectivity, displays it to the user console, and automatically downloads the figures to an Excel spreadsheet.

As an addition, a video overlay system can be incorporated that not only displays measurements but also superimposes an image of the road being measured in real time.

Mobile Laser Technology Pty Ltd can provide you with a hard copy or CD disc of measurements taken by the Laserlux 6.

In terms of productivity, the Laserlux unit is up to 400 times as efficient as a handheld unit.

That’s what the Laserlux can do.