What does that mean to you as the Road Owner?

  • It monitors contractor performance, which is particularly important if a performance based contract is in place.
  • It prorities linmarking needs to the road owner.
  • It can provide the basis to track performance of marking materials.
  • It will help establish efficient re-marking strategies and eliminate unnecessary remarking.
  • The data collected from the unit will lead to safer visibility condition on your highways.

If you, as the road owner, have an understanding of the condition of your lines then it can help in the management of your re-marking plans. It will also assist in the event of a liable suit against the road owner, resulting from a crash incident, where it is clamed that the lines were not visible.


How do you know that the Reading are reliable?

  • The Laserlux is calibrated to the newly formed, third party accredited, standard plates.
  • The measurements are backed up by periodic readings taken from a similarly calibrated handheld Stripemaster device.
  • To allow for environmental changes throughout the day, the calibration of the Laserlux is checked at various intervals. At those same intervals the calibrations are verified with Stripemaster.